Lego Duplo Town-Starter Set for Lego Therapy

Lego therapy provides a great list of benefits for autistic children who need to improve their social and communication skills. For children who need to work on their finger strength, Lego Duplo sets make it easier to start.

As we look into the fun and functionality of Lego therapy, the sets from Lego Duplo Town become one of our top choices to start the Lego therapy activity. There are plenty of different models in Lego Duplo Airport  Duplo Town to choose from. If you pick Lego Duplo Town Airport 10871, you will soon realize how this simple set can create great activities during Lego therapy.

What is Lego Duplo Town Airport 10871 Lego Duplo Town Airport 10871

Lego Duplo Town Airport 10871 is a 29-pieces set that uses double-sized Lego bricks called  Duplo for children to build Airport 10871. It is a buildable airport that comes with the airplane, wheels, boarding gate, luggage, luggage slide, 3 Duplo figures, present, chair, and control tower.

The manufacturer recommends this set for children age 2-5. Like most of the Lego Duplo sets that are designed for toddlers who just start with Lego, this set allows them to get the good practice before they move on to smaller pieces of Lego bricks or more complex designs.

During building the airport, children will build a tower that turns and holds a chair, a gate that closes and opens, and an airplane that can fit 3 figures, luggage, and present. Kids get entertained in these features with their imaginary play. They can also become creative to set up the airport in different ways other than the way that is shown on the box. They also learn some concepts of how a real airport works.

The set also makes an interesting brain twist on the genders of Duplo figures. The female pilot figure makes great inspiration for girls. A Daddy travels with a boy instead of that a mommy does it with a girl.

How to Use the Set in Lego Therapy

This set is exceptional for individual Lego therapy or the therapy for a small group. Besides the activities that can be done routinely as we discussed in the previous article, there are additional ways to use this set for therapeutic purposes depending on the needs.

  • It can be used as a “rehearsal’ airport scenario for autistic children. Autistic children can become more difficult when they are in a totally unfamiliar place. This set can be a great tool to teach them about airports, if paired with videos of real airports and airplanes, it can help calm them before their first trip on a plane.
  • If the children just came back from the airport, it is a great tool to talk about the real-life experience while building the set.
  • It helps kids Learn”wh” questions throughout the building process. “What are we building”, “What color”(of bricks or parts), “Who is traveling” “Where can the airplane take us to” just to name a few.
  • A memorable way for children to learn that a word can be both a noun and a verb.  Children learn to make funny sentences as luggage slide down the luggage slide. It is my turn to turn the control tower.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask different questions from the size of the box to the value of the set. You can find most answers through the product descriptions on the website. We only bring out a few of them that are interesting to most people.

Question: Is the set safe for my 2-year-old who puts everything in his mouth?

Answer: All Duplo sets undergo rigorous testing and must meet the strictest standards. This means that no Duplo will cause any harm.

Question: Is the airplane small?

Answer: The buildable airplane can at least hold 3 Duplo figures, luggage, and present. It measures over 3″ high, 7″ long, and 6″ wide that is big enough to be a toy alone.

Question: Is this set make in the USA?

Like most Duplo sets are not made in the USA. The bricks, booklet, and box in this set are from different manufacturing facilities all over the world. The parts might be made in Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, China, and the Czech Republic, a little trip around the world all in one box!

Question: Is this set a good value to buy?

Answer: It usually sells for $29.99. It is worth every penny if you can use the best out of all the features. Most people are very happy with the set as you can see from the rating.Product Rating for Duplo Town Airport 10871

Pros and Cons of this set


  • It is a great addition to the Lego Duplo Town collection. Either you start collecting Lego Duplo Town from this set, or you have this set join the Town collection you already started, Lego Duplo Town Airport 10871  stands out in your “Town”.
  • There are just enough pieces in the set to start building children’s attention span.
  • It is a great fun and functional tool for therapeutic purposes. It explores stories through constructive play while improving hand-eye coordination.
  • You can gauge the level of difficulty for your child through this 29-pieces Duplo set. If you feel it is too hard for the child to build the set by himself, you can go to a set with fewer pieces next time. If it is a breeze for your child to build the set, a more complicated set or a regular Lego set is recommended for going forward.


  • Compared with other generic brands, the price is higher per piece of brick.
  • The airplane comes apart occasionally.

Alternative Recommendations

There are some other choices of Lego Duplo Town sets that can also produce great therapeutic results.

  • If the child needs a lot of help to build Airport 10871, change to a simpler set such as 12-pieces Lego Duplo Town Plane 10908 or 18-pieces Duplo Town Pizza Stand 10927.Duplo Town Pizza Stand 10927
  • If the child only needs some help to complete the set, you will see his improvement when he moves on to the 26-pieces Lego Duplo Town Truck & Tracked Excavator 10812, or the 30-pieces Lego Duplo Town Family Camping Van Adventure 10946.
  • It is time for your child to work on something more complicated after she/he can play with Airport 10871 without any trouble. Choose something related to the topic that your child is interested in, for example, the set like 59-piece Lego Duplo Town Farm Pony Stable 10868 if he/she likes pony, horse, or pony ride.

The choices of Lego Duplo Town sets can be countless, but the goal of Lego therapy remains the same. In order to get the best out of Lego therapy, choosing an appropriate set is the key to success. As you read this article, the new airplane/airport sets might be on the market that can be a more interesting choice for your child.

Please share with us if you have some Lego Duplo sets that are noteworthy in learning experiences for your child. We appreciate your time.

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